Biologics by McKesson Patient Voice Spotlight – Erica R.

Erica R., Biologics by Mckesson Oncology Patient:  I was diagnosed in December of 2015 with Stage 3A Ovarian Cancer. I woke up in the middle of the night with the most excruciating abdominal pain I had ever experienced. Headed to the E.R., which was where they did a CT scan and they told me that I likely had ovarian cancer.

Ashleigh Burdette, Sr. Director of Clinical Innovation at Biologics by McKesson: Tell me about the moment when you received the confirmation that it was ovarian cancer.

Erica: I wasn’t officially diagnosed until I had my surgery. I had my surgery Christmas Eve in 2015. I was still coming out of the anesthesia when he told my daughter, my son, and my husband. It wasn’t until several hours later that it sank in. I wound up choosing intraperitoneal chemo. That was hard. That was really hard.

Ashleigh: And what was that like, working with the Biologics team.

Erica: It was… it was painless. Once they received the information from my doctor, they reached out to me, and they handled everything.

Ashleigh: How often did you hear from the team at Biologics during the time that you were on the therapy?

Erica: At least monthly. There were two points of contact. There were the order fulfillment folks to schedule the refills, but there’s also the monthly call from the nurse. I could feel the empathy through the phone. It was nice not having to worry about, “when’s the refill coming? Who do I have to call?’

Ashleigh: Did you have any financial concerns about getting access to the medication?

Erica: I had a lot of financial concerns because I had heard it was very expensive. Somebody filled something out because I haven’t paid a copay. Biologics made the whole experience very seamless and very painless for me.

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