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We’re proud to serve our patients and partners each and every day.

Meet the Biologics Leadership Team

Brandom Tom, PharmD

Role: General Manager

My WHYHaving been a patient needing specialty medication, I’ve experienced how frustrating our healthcare system can be when you’re feeling you’re worst. I want to ensure our services help simplify the treatment journey for patients when they need it most. They should be able to focus on what’s important — feeling hopeful about their future and beating their disease.

Tamara Hart

Role: Director, Change Management

My WHY: I try to make those around me feel valued through thoughtful, kind, and compassionate service to each other and toward others. Being able to do that in such a compelling industry makes it all the more important and satisfying. Plus, I have the added pleasure of working toward a shared mission with a collection of giving people that I consider friends.

Jorge Carrillo, PharmD, MPH, BCPS

Role: Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy Operations

My WHY: My dad was a pharmacist; my mom was a nurse. I was raised in a community pharmacy in Puerto Rico, and I learned the importance of taking care of patients and serving the community. I came to Biologics because I wanted to be part of an organization that has a big mission and a positive impact on a big population.

Charles Shaw, PharmD

Role: Senior Manager of Fulfilment & Distribution/PIC

My WHY: Cancer is a scary and complicated diagnosis. It’s nearly impossible for patients to navigate our healthcare system and gain access to very expensive, life-saving medications themselves. I want to be part of a team that works tirelessly to make sure no one is overlooked and goes without a medication that could save their life. I also want to make sure that patients are provided the same care I would expect my family to receive.

Paula Bickley

RoleVice President of Market Access

My WHY: I work with payers every day, and I am passionate about convincing them to look at healthcare differently.  I want payers to see healthcare from the eyes of a patient who bears the biggest burden for the cost and complexities associated with cancer treatment.  It makes me proud when a payer acknowledges that Biologics really cares about our patients.

Susan Bristol

Role: Vice President of HUB Operations

My WHY: I want to do my part to deliver excellence in healthcare for patients, their families and caregivers, and providers. Ensuring patients have the easiest possible access to the medications and services they need or want is so important to me. Additionally, I want to ensure we deliver that same level of service excellence to our biopharma partners who create these vital treatments for our patients.

Lori Briggs

Role: Director of Quality Assurance

My WHY: I was raised in a family with two strong beliefs: 1) all individuals have the responsibility to do the right thing  even when no one is looking and 2) always put others first and help those you can. These inspire me to strive each day to support the Biologics team to ensure we can implement quality processes that will guarantee our patients receive the best possible service without disruption to therapy as they navigate their unfortunate and challenging paths.

Tammy Janicki

Role: Director of Training and Development

My WHY: I believe in taking care of each other. Doing the right thing, even when it isn’t the most popular thing. Going above and beyond without hesitation. My passion is our people, our patients and the customer service experience. And that’s Biologics’ passion too—which is why I love coming to work every day.

Amanda Ulm, Sr. Director of Business Intelligence for Biologics by McKesson

Amanda Ulm

Role: Sr. Director of Business Intelligence

My WHYMy family and our patients give me the energy, optimism and enthusiasm to get better every day. Serving our patients with excellence to lessen their serious burden is the drive that keeps me passionate. I strive to never stop learning and to help delight and serve more patients who need us as their champion.

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