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Meet the Biologics Leadership Team

Brandon Tom Biologics

Brandon Tom, PharmD

Role: General Manager

My WHYHaving been a patient needing specialty medication, I’ve experienced how frustrating our healthcare system can be when you’re feeling you’re worst. I want to ensure our services help simplify the treatment journey for patients when they need it most. They should be able to focus on what’s important — feeling hopeful about their future and beating their disease.

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Pavlos Pavlidis, Biologics COO and VP

Pavlos Pavlidis

Role: Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

My WHY: My passion was always to play a role in shaping the future of healthcare, and that led me to becoming a pharmacist. I come from a typical large, Greek family that’s very important to me, and it has been devastated by cancer.  For me, working at Biologics is personal—it allows me to fight back against this terrible disease so others don’t have to go through what my family has.

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Ela Lourido, Biologics VP Biopharma

Ela Lourido

Role: Vice President of Biopharma Services

My WHY: Being trusted to care for those grappling with life-threatening diseases is beyond fulfilling. We embrace our patients during and through the most difficult time in their lives, meeting their challenges with the utmost sense of urgency and compassion. For me, that means that I must continue to build a business devoted to making the impossible possible.

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Teri Swepston, Biologics VP Provider Sales

Teri Swepston

Role: Vice President of Provider Sales

My WHY: I care deeply about others and want to feel that my job makes the world a better place. Working for Biologics has provided deep satisfaction towards my desire for that higher purpose. When a patient receives that life altering diagnosis of cancer, Biologics steps in with an understanding beyond others in the market. I am so motivated, every day, to make sure every patient is given the choice of Biologics—because I am confident we are the best place to care for them.

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Paula Bickley

Paula Bickley

RoleVice President of Market Access

My WHY: I work with payers every day, and I am passionate about convincing them to look at healthcare differently.  I want payers to see healthcare from the eyes of a patient who bears the biggest burden for the cost and complexities associated with cancer treatment.  It makes me proud when a payer acknowledges that Biologics really cares about our patients.

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Ashleigh Burdette, Biologics Sr Director of Clinical Innovation

Ashleigh Burdette

Role: Senior Director of Clinical Innovation

My WHY: My mom was a nurse, my dad was a pharmacist and my step-dad was a community leader. I was raised by a family who taught me the value of loving those around me and helping others in need. This inspired me to select a career path in which I would have the opportunity to serve others. I am honored to be part of helping patients feel supported, informed and empowered along their journey. I want to make sure that patients receive the same quality of care I would deliver to my own family.

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Amanda Ulm, Sr. Director of Business Intelligence for Biologics by McKesson

Amanda Ulm

Role: Sr. Director of Business Intelligence

My WHYMy family and our patients give me the energy, optimism and enthusiasm to get better every day. Serving our patients with excellence to lessen their serious burden is the drive that keeps me passionate. I strive to never stop learning and to help delight and serve more patients who need us as their champion.

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