At Biologics, We Are:

Collaborators. Pharmacists. Coaches. Innovators. Caregivers. Analysts. Nurses. Community leaders. Patients. Thought leaders. Partners. And we all find our ‘Why’ — our purpose, our cause and our belief — in our patients.

Our Mission

At Biologics by McKesson, our mission is to simplify access to medication and deliver personalized care that helps patients achieve the best-possible outcomes — one patient, one partner, one therapy at time.

Founded in 1994, Biologics by McKesson is an independent specialty pharmacy committed to connecting patients to life-changing medications in oncology and other complex and rare diseases. Built on the foundation of deep clinical expertise and a white-glove approach to patient care, Biologics delivers both our patients and our partners seamless access to therapies and unmatched personalized engagement, so our patients get the most out of the care they receive.

In 2016, Biologics became part of McKesson Corporation and now sits within the Life Sciences division of the business.

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As part of McKesson, the Biologics team knows that the way we do business is just as important as the business itself. That’s why we look to our ICARE shared principles as a unifying set of values to guide us in our mission to care for our patients:

Integrity. Customer-first. Accountability. Respect. Excellence.

Get to Know Our Team

Allison Kinnarney, BA, BSN, RN

Role: Director, Clinical Programs
Years with the company: 2
Where I give back: Rescuing animals with chronic health problems

My WHY: It’s so important to me to be an advocate for people (and animals) who need it. As a nurse, my three guiding principles are empowering the patient, advocating on their behalf and educating them.  When you follow those guiding principles, you set patients up for success.

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I’ve worked in geriatric nursing and biopharma clinical education, and now I develop clinical policy for our manufacturers so they know our patients are taken care of through every step of their therapy journey — because that’s what Biologics does with all of our patients.

We connect and form relationships with our patients, and we do the same for each other. It’s an incredible place to work. I see that every day. We touch our patients’ lives in ways that extend way beyond the length and breadth of our phone calls and clinical support. We have the opportunity to be that source of comfort and empowerment throughout the course of their treatment. And we take care of each other the same way. Biologics truly feels like a family.

Jorge Carrillo, PharmD, MPH, BCPS

Role: Sr. Director Specialty Pharmacy Operations
Years with the company: 1
Where I give back: Pharmaceutical advocate at national pharmacy organizations, guest lecturer at Campbell University Pharmacy School

My WHY: My dad was a pharmacist; my mom was a nurse. I was raised in a community pharmacy in Puerto Rico, and I learned the importance of taking care of patients and serving the community. 

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My whole career has been in healthcare.  I spent 26 years in the military as a pharmacist, which included medication safety, quality management and public health. I came to Biologics because I wanted to be part of an organization that has a big mission and a positive impact on a big population — not just one community. When I realized the magnitude of what we do here, it really resonated.

I’m grateful that my job is challenging and that I get to think about how to improve healthcare. I’ve got the privilege of developing and leading a team of healthcare professionals and making a positive difference for the patients we serve. We have a terrific team that’s very dedicated to patients’ health, going out of their way to get the therapies to the patient, no matter the challenges, no matter the distance.

Myesha Watters, MHA

Role: Quality Engineer
Years with the company: 4
Where I give back: March of Dimes, American Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House

My WHY: I have an aunt who had breast cancer. I’m so close to her, and, when I saw how much she was going through, I began to see how little was being done for cancer. I decided I really wanted to work for a company that made an impact on the lives of cancer patients. 

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When I read about Biologics’ mission and values, the company really stood out to me, and I decided to build my career here. I currently work in quality because I wanted to dive even more into the data and make sure the patients’ prescriptions are received and processed as quickly as possible. It feels great to know that any time there’s an issue, I’m part of the team that finds a permanent resolution so it never happens again. I love knowing we’re helping so many people who are going through some really hard times.

I love the people who work here, too, and I know that when I come to work every day, everyone is here for the patients. They’re excited to get involved in the company and our community, too. Being on our internal committees that make a difference, and to encourage others to do the same, is something I enjoy about working here. It’s important to me that Biologics plays a part in giving back; not only do we do things like fundraisers for cancer non-profits, we also do things like provide school supplies or Christmas presents for children in need. There’s a real spirit of caring here that I love.

Sheila Bizune, PharmD

Role: Sr. Manager Operations Fulfillment/Distribution
Years with the company: 6
Where I give back: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

My WHY: What attracted me to Biologics is that we care for oncology patients. My dad passed from lung cancer, so I have a soft spot for them. I started out as a retail pharmacist, but I came to Biologics because the company’s values matched my own, and I wanted to help oncology patients who tend to be quite ill.

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This patient population is a lot closer to home for me and, ultimately, a better fit as well. The patient-pharmacist relationship is more intimate at Biologics and I really feel I have a purpose here.

Our team in the fill area is highly motivated, close knit and very dedicated to what we do. Everybody here is like a family, and we all help each other. No one says, “That’s not my job.” Our patients are our number one priority, and we do everything we can to ensure they get the support they need and help with any issues they have. I’m always there if they need me. I absolutely love my job, and it’s because I really feel I make a difference in patients’ lives every day.

Travis Jones

2013 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Man of the Year

Role: Practice Support Liaison
Years with the company: 7
Where I give back: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

My WHY: I’m a three-time childhood cancer survivor, and I’ve been in the oncology space for over 30 years. So, I understand from a 360-degree view what the patients, their families, the practices and the pharmacies go through.

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I know how important it is to have someone on the other side of the phone who understands your situation and what you’re going through. Biologics is full of advocates — that’s what we do every day. I love knowing I’ve done something to improve someone’s life, their quality of life or possibly their quantity of life.

I came to Biologics because of the relationship I built with them when I was a social worker at a cancer center. They relieved a lot of my administrative burden so I could spend more time with patients. I saw the compassion they had for patients, I saw they went beyond their job descriptions and I really saw the personable way that the employees treated the patients. I told myself I would work here one day — and now I do. I love working with providers; I’ve been talking to them since I was first diagnosed with Leukemia at age 10. I give them confidence in our ability to care for our patients. No matter what comes up, we‘ll do everything we can to get through those issues, past those hurdles — regardless of whether we dispense or the prescription goes somewhere else.

Derrick Bridges Biologics

Derrick Bridges

Role: Senior Customer Service Representative
Years with the company: 3
Where I give back: Co-founder, Happy Roots non-profit

My WHY: I have such a caring spirit, and Biologics allows me to be who I am and do my job with love and dedication. I have met some amazing people during this time, and it is my great honor to work at Biologics. As a front-line worker, my role is to make sure every client’s needs are met and exceed their expectations.

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I have the opportunity to leave the best impression of Biologics, and I take that responsibility very seriously. After experiencing the multiple deaths and other tragedies of front-line workers, I revere them. They encourage me to do more. They are my reason why.

People know me for my big smile and my giving spirit. I can’t help but spread the warmth of my heart to others. This is why I started my non-profit organization, Happy Roots. Our programs are designed to empower minority youth and senior citizens who live in low-income housing. We support education, healthcare, housing and organic nutrition. Several times during the year we host back-to-school drives, bikes for children’s giveaways, emergency food and clothing pantry programs, and affordable housing seminars. We do this to inspire and uplift the spirits of all people! Keeping God first has allowed me to find my purpose of illuminating the room with joy and happiness. I love helping others succeed, whether in their community or in battling their disease, knowing I made a difference in their lives.

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