Are you driven to change the future of patient care? Join us.

Biologics by McKesson is part of McKesson Corporation where, together, we’re shaping the future of healthcare. We work each day to improve the lives of the patients and caregivers we support. At Biologics, we ‘Start with WHY’ – our purpose, our cause and our belief…our patients. Our specialty pharmacy in Cary, NC, is always looking for the right people to fill a variety of specialty pharmacy jobs. Join our team.

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“It’s an incredible place to work. I see that every day. We touch our patients’ lives in ways that extend way beyond the length and breadth of our phone calls and clinical support. We have the opportunity to be that source of comfort and empowerment throughout the course of their treatment. And we take care of each other the same way. Biologics truly feels like a family.”


Allison Kinnarney, Complex Care and Rare Disease Clinical Policy Strategist

“Biologics is full of extraordinary individuals who would move mountains for anyone who needs help. I didn’t understand the depth of that until something happened to my husband; everyone in the building went out of their way, and now I know how the patients feel. That’s why I like Biologics. It’s real. This place is full of guardian angels.”


Desiree Gates, Patient Support

“I came to Biologics because of the relationship I built with them when I was a social worker at a cancer center. I saw the compassion they had for patients, I saw they went beyond their job descriptions, and I really saw the personable way that the employees treated the patients. I told myself I would work here one day — and now I do. I love knowing I’ve done something to improve someone’s life, their quality of life or possibly their quantity of life.”


Travis Jones, Practice Support Liaison

“I love the people who work here, and I know that when I come to work every day, everyone is here for the patients. They’re excited to get involved in the company and our community, too. There’s a real spirit of caring here that I love.”


Myesha Watters, Quality Engineer