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Your health is our priority, and we pledge to be your partner in treatment. Together, we can succeed.

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Welcome to Biologics

We’re very pleased to be your specialty pharmacy! We’re here to help you through your treatment in every way possible, and we’ve pulled together this page of helpful information for you​. Please call your Care Team directly at 800.850.4306 if you have additional questions or if you’d like more information.


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Why You Need a Specialty Pharmacy

You may be wondering, “What is a specialty pharmacy?” A specialty pharmacy is a pharmacy that provides specialty drugs for patients with diseases that are complex, require extra care or have expensive therapies. In these cases, your needs are great, and so are our resources and experience.

We can work together to help you:

  • Get the most benefits from your insurance coverage
  • Take advantage of financial resources that may cover your medication costs
  • Understand how to thrive with specialty medications
  • Advocate with your doctors, pharmaceutical companies and your insurance provider

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How can we help?

Whatever you need, we’re here to help, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Call: 800.850.4306


Sign Up for Text Messaging

Refills are even easier with our text message service. If you’re eligible*, we’ll automatically enroll you. Look out for a text with instructions on how to schedule your delivery (message and data rates may apply). If you don’t respond to it, no problem. A Biologics Care Team member will reach out to schedule your delivery. The only thing we need from you is an up-to-date contact number. Just give that to your Care Team member on your next call.



You won’t be eligible if your medication is billed to Medicare Part B or if you’re taking Cablivi, Gamifant, Lynparza, Nubeqa, Pomalyst, Qinlock, Revlimid, Stivarga, Thalomid, Tibsovo, Turalio or Venclexta. This list may change in the future.
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Are You a Caregiver?

If you’re managing care for a loved one, we thank you. It’s among the most loving things one person can do for another. And it takes a lot of courage. But it doesn’t need to take all your time. That’s another benefit of having our specialty pharmacy at your side. If the patient wants Biologics to speak with you on their behalf, simply alert one of our Care Team members, and they will help you and the patient through the registration process. Once you’re registered as a caregiver, we’ll work with you on things like updating information, speaking on behalf of the patient and even ordering refills. You help them, and we’ll help you.

Patient Advocacy Groups and Support

Patients are at the heart of everything we do. We understand that you are fighting a life-threatening disease that impacts all aspects of your life, and we are committed to doing everything possible to support you — and your caregiver, if you have one — during your treatment journey.

To that end, we are collaborating with many trusted oncology and rare disease patient advocacy groups. These organizations play a vital role in empowering you and your loved ones with the knowledge and resources needed to reach your best possible outcome. Visit our patient advocacy page to learn more about these different organizations.

While your Biologics Care Team is always available to answer questions, we’ve provided links to several nationally recognized organizations that offer additional resources that can help you build a patient advocate network.


Get to Know Our Team

Derrick Bridges

Role: Senior Customer Service Representative
Years with the company: 5
Where I give back: Co-founder, Happy Roots non-profit
My WHY: I have such a caring spirit, and Biologics allows me to be who I am and do my job with love and dedication. I have met some amazing people during this time, and it is my great honor to work at Biologics. As a front-line worker, my role is to make sure every client’s needs are met and exceed their expectations. 

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I have the opportunity to leave the best impression of Biologics, and I take that responsibility very seriously. After experiencing the multiple deaths and other tragedies of front-line workers, I revere them. They encourage me to do more. They are my reason why.

People know me for my big smile and my giving spirit. I can’t help but spread the warmth of my heart to others. This is why I started my non-profit organization, Happy Roots. Our programs are designed to empower minority youth and senior citizens who live in low-income housing. We support education, healthcare, housing and organic nutrition. Several times during the year we host back-to-school drives, bikes for children’s giveaways, emergency food and clothing pantry programs, and affordable housing seminars. We do this to inspire and uplift the spirits of all people! Keeping God first has allowed me to find my purpose of illuminating the room with joy and happiness. I love helping others succeed, whether in their community or in battling their disease, knowing I made a difference in their lives.

“Every single person that I have dealt with at Biologics has been so wonderful and kind, and I am truly grateful for you all!
Thank you!”

Julie M., caregiver