Biologics Rare and Orphan Care for Patients

A specialty pharmacy with patients at its heart

Someone who is diagnosed with a rare disease—or their caregiver—may experience a range of emotions, from shock and sadness to confusion and fear. A difficult diagnosis can often mean highly complex treatment plans which can feel overwhelming during a stressful time.

As a specialty pharmacy with more than 30 years of experience, Biologics by McKesson works with rare disease patients and acts as a partner on the treatment journey. We work with the provider and the patient to develop a specialized treatment plan while also helping the patient to remain adherent to their treatment plan and, thus, achieve better outcomes. Our Biologics Rare and Orphan Care™ team uses its deep clinical expertise, attention to detail and compassionate approach to help patients get the drug therapies they need.

The last thing they need is to deal with the difficulty of navigating a fragmented healthcare system. Orphan drugs bring with them unique challenges in the patient journey, including a need for clinical services, financial accessibility, and distribution modality to patients – all of which are at the core of what Biologics does. Click here to learn more about how the Biologics team can help patients navigate through financial assistance for their therapies.

We help rare and orphan disease patients navigate the complexities of their disease by connecting them with our high-touch clinical team to support them through every step of their journey.

Personalized support for patients with rare diseases

Biologics Rare and Orphan Care™ provides an unmatched level of customized care for patients, caregivers and providers. During their treatment, we surround them with a Care Team that makes sure they understand how to take their medication, manage side effects, feel heard and cared for, and achieve the best possible outcome.


  • Clinical support from a pharmacist at first dispense
  • Industry-leading time to first fill
  • Financial assistance coordination
  • Ongoing adherence support
  • Exceptional patient care and caregiver support
  • Refill reminders via the patient’s preferred method of communication
  • Quick, free prescription delivery

The patient journey

For patients who have a rare disease, what can be a complex medical diagnosis is often paired with a complicated treatment plan. Because of that, our team of clinical experts is here to help. Whether it be to act as an extension of your medical team, to onboard a patient starting a new medication, or to offer coping mechanisms for side effects to ensure patients remain on their treatment plan, Biologics is honored to provide clinical support to each patient every step of the way.

Contact us to learn more about rare diseases at Biologics.

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