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Not all specialty pharmacies are created equal. We work together with your practice to deliver exceptional care to every patient, every day.

The Biologics by McKesson Difference

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Biologics provides industry-leading access to cancer and rare and complex disease therapies

We offer more than 175 therapies, including over 100 orals; at least 10 therapies are exclusive to Biologics and we’re part of limited distribution networks for more than 85 therapies. Plus, we’re contracted with more than 500 payers to help provide access to these important drugs. And, we’ll share financial assistance opportunities with your patients so they can better afford their medications—in 2020, we helped secure $28M in financial assistance for them.

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Provider Resources

Useful documents for your collaboration with Biologics. Download a pdf below or visit our Resources page for the complete list of tools:

COVID-19 Resources

Drug Inventory List

Referral Form

How We Support You and Your Patients

Tips for Submitting a Prescription

Biologics by McKesson REMS Program

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We get therapies in your patients’ hands fast and help them stay adherent

We process prescriptions within 1 hour of receipt and confirm benefits within 4 hours of processing, connecting patients with their therapy as quickly as possible.* And, prior to first fill, we’ll ensure your patient receives an initial assessment and counseling from one of our pharmacists. We’ll also do a risk assessment to establish personalized care and help patients stay connected with our nurses so they stay adherent longer.
* Stats apply when Biologics receives all necessary documentation to fill a prescription order. Ask us for a referral checklist to ensure you know what we need to get your patients on therapy quickly.

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We can customize our service to align with the way you work

We know your time is valuable and working with a specialty pharmacy can be complicated. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to develop oncology services and rare-disease support with tailored workflows that actually work for you. Whether it’s a single point of contact to provide more streamlined communication, daily reporting that allows you to track patients via email or a customized solution to help your practice’s dispensary navigate prior authorizations, Biologics is focused on complementing your practice’s workflow with innovative solutions that differentiate us from other specialty pharmacies. Ultimately, this makes it easier for all of us to collectively support patients throughout their journey. Contact us today for a one-on-one consultation to discover ways we can work better together.

I’ve never worked with a company that takes care of every little detail like Biologics does. I am telling everyone about Biologics and the great service I receive.

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How You’ll Experience the Biologics Difference

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Thanks for the referral!

We process prescriptions within one hour of receipt, then we’ll fax your practice to confirm the referral and verify all necessary information.

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We investigate benefits

We confirm benefits within four hours of processing, and if we determine that we’re not in network, we’ll quickly transfer the prescription to an in-network pharmacy.

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We assist with PAs

If prior authorization is required or denied, our team will help gather the necessary documentation and facilitate submission to the insurer.

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We help patients find financial assistance

If your patients need financial assistance, we’ll explore co-pay or assistance programs that can help reduce costs.

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Biologics Exclusive

We counsel your patient

A pharmacist will contact your patient for an initial assessment and counseling prior to first dispense. Based on that, and the medication’s profile, we’ll create and administer a personal care plan.

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We ship — fast!

We deliver medications to the patient’s home or your office — whichever works best. And we’ll confirm shipping and delivery information with both your patient and your practice.

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Biologics Exclusive

We help patients stay adherent

Our Care Team checks in with patients throughout their journey, and every patient receives a call on day 14 to ensure their treatment is progressing well and help them through any challenges or side effect issues that may arise.

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We refill

We’ll notify your patient when it’s time for a refill, and we’ll deliver it on time. We communicate with your patients in the ways that best meet their needs, so we provide the option for them to receive refill alerts and reminders via text message.

I’ve dealt with other specialty pharmacies, but none came close to the service I am getting with Biologics.

Maggie L., Registered Nurse

How to Order

Ready to send Biologics a prescription? Follow these steps to expedite the referral process and get medication to your patient’s doorstep — or your office — quickly.


What to Send

The best way to ensure your referral includes all the information we’ll need is to download and complete our Referral Form. Then, submit this form along with any additional supporting documentation, including the patient’s relevant treatment history and clinic notes to support the prior authorization process.


Where to Send It

Submit your information in one of these ways:

  • Fax: 800.823.4506
  • Phone: 800.850.4306
  • eScribe: Biologics is part of the Surescripts pharmacy network. Search within your EMR using:
    • Pharmacy Name: Biologics
    • Pharmacy Address: 11800 Weston Parkway, Cary, NC 27513
    • NCPDP: 3430369
    • NPI: 1487640314


What Happens Next?

Track a prescription from intake through delivery and into refills with daily Patient Status Reports delivered securely to your inbox each morning.

Have a question?
Call us at 800.850.4306, and we’ll assist you quickly.


Get to Know Our Team

Travis Jones, 2013 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Man of the Year

Role: Practice Support Liaison, direct in-pharmacy contact
Years with the company: 8
Where I give back: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
My WHY: I’m a three-time childhood cancer survivor, and I’ve been in the oncology space for over 30 years. So, I understand from a 360-degree view what the patients, their families, the practices and the pharmacies go through. I know how important it is to have someone on the other side of the phone who understands your situation and what you’re going through. 

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Biologics is full of advocates—that’s what we do every day. I love knowing I’ve done something to improve someone’s life, their quality of life or possibly their quantity of life.

I came to Biologics because of the relationship I built with them when I was a social worker at a cancer center. Their efforts helped me spend more time with patients. I saw the compassion they had for patients, I saw how hard they worked on our behalf and I really saw the personable way that the employees treated the patients. I told myself I would work here one day — and now I do. I love working with providers; I’ve been talking to them since I was first diagnosed with Leukemia at age 10. I give them confidence in our ability to care for our patients. No matter what comes up, we‘ll do everything we can to get through those issues, past those hurdles — regardless of whether we dispense or the prescription goes somewhere else.