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Helping ensure patients have life-saving medications they need.

“According to the World Health Organization, medication adherence can have a more direct impact on patient outcomes than a specific treatment itself. Still, it is estimated that a staggering 50% of Americans don’t take their chronic long-term therapy medications as prescribed.1

If your patient needs financial assistance with their prescription medication, Biologics can help them find appropriate assistance programs. A study published in The Oncologist showed that 24% of cancer patients fail to fill prescriptions due to cost, while 20% took less than prescribed or only partly filled prescriptions2.

That’s why Biologics works with each patient to determine insurance coverage, help to find appropriate assistance programs (if needed), assist with the enrollment process, monitor costs, and reverify insurance as necessary.

“Statistics show that each year, poor adherence contributes to more than $500 billion in avoidable health care costs, around 125,000 potentially preventable deaths, and up to 25% of hospitalizations in the United States.”

We’ve found if patients can afford the treatment, they are more likely to stick with it.

In 2023, 93% of Biologics dispenses had an out-of-pocket payment of $50 or less, and 77% had an out-of-pocket payment of $0.

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1 Rose, J. (2022, April 5). Contributor: Medication Adherence Is Not a Zero-Sum Game. AJMC.
2 Gilligan AM, Alberts DS, Roe DJ, Skrepnek GH. Death or debt? National estimates of financial toxicity in persons with newly-diagnosed cancer. Am J Med. 2018; 131(10):1187–1199 e1185. doi: 10.1016/j.amjmed.2018.05.020.

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