Biologics Rare and Orphan Care™

We help rare and orphan disease patients navigate the complexities of their disease by connecting them with our high-touch clinical team to support them through every step of their journey.

Biologics is a specialty pharmacy with patients at its heart

A specialty pharmacy with patients at its heart

Someone who is diagnosed with a rare disease—or their caregiver—goes through a range of emotions, from shock and sadness to confusion and fear. The last thing they need is to deal with the difficulty of navigating a fragmented healthcare system.

As a specialty pharmacy with more than 25 years of experience, Biologics by McKesson takes some of the stress out of a stressful time of life. Our Biologics Rare and Orphan Care team uses its deep clinical expertise and compassionate approach to help patients get the orphan drug therapies they need.

Personalized support for patients with rare diseases

Biologics Rare and Orphan Care provides an unmatched level of customized care for patients, caregivers and providers. During their treatment, we surround them with a Care Team that makes sure they understand how to take their medication, manage side effects, feel heard and cared for, and achieve the best possible outcome.

• Industry-leading time to first fill
• Financial assistance coordination
• Clinical and adherence support
• Exceptional patient care and caregiver support

What makes Biologics Rare and Orphan Care different?

Built on the foundation of deep clinical expertise and a high-touch approach to patient care, our strategic solutions for your orphan drug deliver seamless access, deep engagement and positive health outcomes.

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Our leaders are clinicians who understand how to navigate the healthcare system for patients.

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Our risk-based approach to care delivers personalized nursing care plans for patients with rare diseases.

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We have disease-specific clinical care teams, which include OCNs, RNs, PharmDs and CPhTs.

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Our multi-disciplinary team sits in Rare Pods, so patients’ needs are handled by experts who work together fast.

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We’re experts in simplifying complexity and providing launch excellence.

Custom specialty pharmacy programs for greater efficiency

Rare disease patients need custom pharmacy solutions. Biologics Rare and Orphan Care has deep expertise in building flexible, innovative, patient-centered solutions that encompass integrated specialty pharmacy and patient access capabilities. Our programs are personalized to meet every individual patient’s unique needs. Patients receive your orphan drug fast, and we help them stay adherent.

  • Innovative and therapy-specific launch strategies
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unparalled provider relationships and provider access
  • Access to analytics and reporting
  • Best-in-class patient adherence and outcomes
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A trusted orphan drug launch partner for biopharma

When it comes to the successful commercialization of rare disease therapies, Biologics Rare and Orphan Care has proven expertise. Our experienced and nimble specialty pharmacy implementation team brings a deep understanding of patient care needs and market dynamics to every product launch.

Biologics Rare and Orphan Care will partner closely with your organization, providing teams that support all critical parts of your program:

  • Strategic account managers
  • Clinical innovation
  • Operational excellence
  • Business intelligence/data analytics
  • Patient access and reimbursement support
  • Disease and therapy education

“Biologics has been a critical part of our limited distribution specialty pharmacy network since launch. They have consistently demonstrated an excellent level of customer service for patients and have been a true partner and a pleasure to work with over the last seven years.”

― Kyle Smith, Senior Director of Market Access Trade, Pharmacyclics

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