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We’re passionate about our patients, and being able to provide them with your life-changing therapies is what drives us to innovate around the best possible patient experiences.

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Prioritizing access and creating outcomes

Biologics by McKesson specialty pharmacy has more than 25 years’ experience in taking care of patients with cancer and rare and complex diseases. And we know what it takes not only to ensure that patients get access to the therapies they need quickly, but also to provide a Care Team that works with patients to help ensure they have the best possible chance at staying on their therapies and ultimately seeing positive health outcomes.

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Driving deep provider engagement

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We understand the challenges our patients’ provider teams go through, and we’ve made it our mission to ensure that working with a specialty pharmacy is easy and enhances a patient’s care and their access to therapy. This understanding drives our relationships with providers across the country; we’re always working to ensure that our pharmacy workflow matches their practice’s workflow and that we’re able to work collaboratively to provide exceptional personalized care to all of our collective patients. We’re also proud to partner closely with McKesson’s provider-managed pharmacies — including those in the US Oncology Network — and deliver customized service and strategic solutions to support patients at their practices and others at every point in their treatment journey.

We carry over 150 cancer and rare-disease drugs.

We’re part of limited distribution networks for more than 60 of those.

We are the exclusive pharmacy for ~12 life-changing drugs.

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Solutions for your complete product lifecycle

As part of McKesson Life Sciences, Biologics’ services can be paired with a broader portfolio of solutions that are helping to build an ecosystem to connect today’s biopharma and life sciences companies, providers, pharmacies and payers to successfully develop and commercialize medications and maximize our collective impact on patients’ lives.

Whether you are a specialty drug manufacturer or a biosimilar company, a large biopharma or an emerging biotech, the solutions McKesson Life Sciences offers can meet your needs. From clinical trial services that accelerate the launch of your therapies, to patient access and adherence solutions, to global distribution and channel strategy, we offer you best-in-class services at every stage of the product life cycle.

Learn how we can help you develop, market and deliver your life-changing medications to patients.

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Get to Know Our Team

Allison Kinnarney, BA, BSN, RN

Role: Director, Clinical Programs
Years with the company: 3
Where I give back: Rescuing animals with chronic health problems
My WHY: It’s so important to me to be an advocate for people (and animals) who need it. As a nurse, my three guiding principles are empowering the patient, advocating on their behalf and educating them.  When you follow those guiding principles, you set patients up for success.

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I’ve worked in geriatric nursing and biopharma clinical education, and now I develop clinical policy for our manufacturers so they know our patients are taken care of through every step of their therapy journey—because that’s what Biologics does with all of our patients.

We connect and form relationships with our patients, and we do the same for each other. It’s an incredible place to work. I see that every day. We touch our patients’ lives in ways that extend way beyond the length and breadth of our phone calls and clinical support. We have the opportunity to be that source of comfort and empowerment throughout the course of their treatment. And we take care of each other the same way. Biologics truly feels like a family.