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We’re passionate about our patients, and being able to provide them with your life-changing therapies is what drives us to innovate around the best possible patient experiences.

The Biologics difference

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Prioritizing access and creating outcomes

Biologics by McKesson specialty pharmacy has more than 25 years’ experience in taking care of patients with cancer and rare diseases. And we know what it takes not only to ensure that patients get access to the therapies they need quickly, but also to provide a Care Team that works with patients to help ensure they have the best possible chance at staying on their therapies and ultimately seeing positive health outcomes.

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Supporting providers and patients

Biologics supports providers and patients

We handle benefits investigation and assist with prior authorizations for practices. Then, we partner closely with patients to provide personalized care and support, regardless of their disease state or therapy, to help them stay adherent as long as clinically necessary. We report back to practices so they can make well-informed treatment choices.

We’re also proud to partner with McKesson’s provider-managed pharmacies, including those in The US Oncology Network. That means we can deliver customized, convenient service to patients at every point in their treatment journey.


We carry over 150 cancer and orphan drugs.

We’re part of limited distribution networks for more than 60 of those.

We are the exclusive pharmacy for ~12 life-changing drugs.

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Solutions for your complete product lifecycle

As part of McKesson, Biologics’ services can be paired with a broader portfolio of solutions that are helping to build an ecosystem to connect today’s biopharma and life sciences companies, providers, pharmacies and payers to successfully develop and commercialize medications and maximize our collective impact on patients’ lives.

Whether you are a specialty drug manufacturer or a biosimilar company, a large biopharma or an emerging biotech, the solutions McKesson offers can meet your needs. We provide best-in-class services at every stage of the product life cycle:

  • Clinical trial services that speed up the launch of your therapies
  • Patient access and adherence solutions
  • Global distribution and strategies for your channel

Business continuity in any situation

When patients’ wellbeing depends on the therapies we provide, it’s important to make sure our service is seamless—even in the event of a natural or other disaster. To address this, we’re opening a second state-of-the-art pharmacy site in Ft. Worth, Texas, in Fall 2021. It will feature:

  • A central location near major hubs
  • State-of-the-art systems that can serve more patients per hour, with no loss of accuracy
  • Increased capacity to service more patients as we grow
  • Our center of excellence for cell and gene therapies

Our new pharmacy is truly an investment in our partners and the patients they serve.

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Get to Know Our Team

Charles Shaw

Role: PharmD Clinical Pharmacy Manager/PIC
Years with the company: 5
Where I give back: I’m a huge animal lover and I’m involved with both Peak Lab Rescue in Apex and Ruff Love Rescue

My WHY: Cancer is a scary and complicated diagnosis. It’s nearly impossible for patients to navigate our healthcare system and gain access to very expensive, life-saving medications themselves. 

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I want to be part of a team that works tirelessly to make sure no one is overlooked and goes without a medication that could save their life. I also want to make sure that patients are provided the same care I would expect my family to receive.