Biologics Helps Your Therapies Reach the Right Prescribers and Patients

Biologics by McKesson specialty pharmacy supports the commercialization of oncology and rare-disease therapies by connecting them to prescribers and supporting better outcomes for patients.

Biologics is the specialty pharmacy of choice for many oncology and rare-disease therapies because we support therapy commercialization by providing our biopharma partners with 360-degree visibility and access to patients, providers, payers and pharmacies.

We work closely with providers and patients to enable therapy access, affordability, adherence and positive outcomes. Our prescriber engagement and customized patient-support services make us a true commercialization partner by helping to expand therapies’ reach and success in the market. Here’s a look at why providers and patients love working with Biologics.

Providers Say:

“Biologics Hasn’t Missed a Beat”

“It’s like COVID never happened. Biologics hasn’t missed a beat with our patients — no delays and excellent service in all ways. It’s so nice to know that I have a top-of-the-line specialty pharmacy that I can depend on.”

Barbara M.


“In Every Case, Biologics Is Out to Help”

“Biologics is at the top of my list!! They make the ordering process easy and stress-free! Biologics sends out a fax acknowledging they have received a new referral from me and additional faxes to update me on the progress of the script — for example, whether prior authorization is needed, the amount of a patient’s co-pay and the status of any funding. In every case, Biologics is out to help the physician’s office and the patient. Being able to dispense most of the oral chemotherapy drugs that we use is also a big plus! Biologics is a one-stop shop!!! It is a real pleasure doing business with you!!”

Jeannie E.


“Response Time Is Remarkable”

“I have been working with Biologics for a few years now, and I believe the customer service is even better today! The level of professionalism and availability of representatives are aboveboard! The response time of when they receive the orders, processing and setting up the delivery is remarkable! Any time I need help, I have a whole team that will jump in and help me. Biologics is always my first go-to specialty pharmacy.”

Carol W.

IOD Tech

“The Utmost Level of Care”

“We have been very pleased with the service Biologics has provided to our patients. It is good to know that when a patient is referred to Biologics for their specialty oncolytic needs, they will be treated with the utmost level of care they deserve. Medications are delivered in a timely manner, and the staff is very supportive to their needs.”

Doug B.

Pharmacy Director

“I Understand the Medicine”

“[Biologics] goes above and beyond to ensure I understand the medicine being received. They provide me with the ship date, tracking number, and carrier and always ask again if I have additional questions.”

Biologics patient

“Makes a Big Difference in the Lives of Patients”

“I am very thankful to have the Biologics team working to help me and others like me. They make a big difference in the lives of patients, and that is very important. Thank you for all you do!”

Biologics patient

“Takes Care of Every Little Detail”

“I’ve never worked with a company that takes care of every little detail like Biologics does. I am telling everyone about Biologics and the great service I receive.”

Biologics patient

“A Consistent Go-To Person”

“I have been very pleased with the level of service Biologics specialty pharmacy has given me and the patients in our practice. It was especially important to me to have a consistent go-to person who was responsive to my requests, phone calls or emails in a timely manner. We have used other specialty pharmacies, but none can compare to the level of customer service we now receive with Biologics. I truly appreciate the daily-as-needed updates on patients’ medication processing and routine refills when needed.

They also assist in completing prior authorizations with us. This is vitally important, as it minimizes delays in medication approval and, ultimately, timely delivery of much-needed therapeutics to our patients. Again, thank you for your service to our patients. We hope to continue our partnership as we care for this patient population.”

Stephen M.


“None Come Close to the Service”

“I’ve dealt with other specialty pharmacies, but none came close to the service I am getting with Biologics.”

Maggie L.


“The Gold Standard in Specialty Pharmacy Dispensing

“Biologics by McKesson is the gold standard in specialty pharmacy dispensing. The entire team is focused on patient care, and their communication and outreach to both the patient and the prescriber are second to none.

Our office receives daily patient updates and works one-on-one with a dedicated Practice Support Liaison to ensure our oncology patients receive their specialty medications in a timely manner. The prescriber office is made aware of any delays in treatment, including prior authorization and patient
assistance issues.

The team at Biologics is impressively responsive to urgent requests when called for, and the prescription turnaround time is definitely one of the quickest in the marketplace — less than five hours from time prescribed to time shipped to patient in an emergent situation!

If we are unable to serve a patient in-office, my first choice will always be Biologics by McKesson.”

Daniela D.


“Access to a Pharmacist Day and Night”

“As a cancer patient, I have had to work with many different pharmacies. Biologics has been my most positive experience so far. They communicate frequently, politely, with respect and in a timely manner. I have access to a pharmacist day and night, which is extremely important.”

Biologics patient

“They Were There for Me”

“During my treatment, I felt so supported by the Care Team who called me regularly. They were so nice and helpful, and they really made me feel like they were there for me. They have my love and affection.”

Biologics patient

“The Easiest Part of My Cancer Experience”

“I have only had great experiences with Biologics. I couldn’t be happier. This is honestly the easiest part of my cancer experience so far. I never have to worry about anything with Biologics! Reliable, courteous, top-notch service. Thank you!”

Biologics patient

“A Great Job With Our Patients and Their Scripts

“Biologics does a great job with our patients and their scripts, as well as everything else that goes along with it. You are great!”

Jeffrey N.

Clinical Pharmacist

“I Couldn’t Do This Job Without You”

“You are top-notch! I love the prior authorization help, reminders for refills and how you send me the filled-out grant applications. You do so much for me — it’s the little things like that that are tremendous. I couldn’t do this job without that.”

Andrea N.

Administrative Specialist, Oncology

“Real-Time Communications”

“Whenever I do refer Rxs to Biologics, you get right on it and see it through with real-time communication.”

John R.

Pharm.D., R.Ph.

“They Make My Job Easier”

“Every single person I have dealt with at Biologics is always so professional, fast, efficient and friendly. They are amazing to work with and really care about each and every patient they come into contact with! They make my job so much easier!!”

Shannon F.


“Service With a Heart”

“I have been working with Biologics for about 10 years now, and I could not be happier. The pharmacy offers patient-oriented service with a heart! The patient’s well-being is their primary focus and dedication. I trust this pharmacy and often tell the patients the pharmacy is a trustworthy one. Biologics is always one step ahead when it comes to prior authorizations and helping the patients obtain the least expensive product through co-pay cards or facilitating co-pay assistance. I often tell other pharmacies they should follow the “Biologics rules,” as I call it, for taking the patient care to the next level. I do hope to be able to count on Biologics to continue to serve our patients with the same dedication — and, why not say, love — as the pharmacy has been doing.”

Carla B.

Administrative Assistant

“Always There to Answer My Questions”

“I continue to rave about your entire operation, from the first receptionist that answers the phone to the delivery. The pharmacy has always been there to answer my questions and even look them up if they don’t have an immediate answer. They are all caring and compassionate to deal with.”

Biologics patient

“Always Found Me Another Grant”

“Biologics couldn’t be nicer or more helpful. When the grant runs out for my medication, you have always found me another grant. I am SO GRATEFUL!”

Biologics patient

“Always Able to Get My Medication”

“I have been on medications for almost four years and I have not had any problems in any regard. Even when I have moved or traveled, I am always able to get my medication and speak with anyone I need to. Very impressive.”

Biologics patient

Providers and patients love working with Biologics because we work tirelessly to promote the best possible patient experiences and outcomes. We are equally committed to the success of your therapies. Contact us to learn more about how Biologics can support your therapies.