Biologics by McKesson Patient Voice Spotlight – Dan W.

Yvonne Sims, Senior Manager, Marketing, Biologics by McKesson: So take us to 2021. Describe your health and what ultimately led to your diagnosis.

Dan W., Biologics by McKesson Oncology Patient: I noticed that I had some swelling on the back of my neck. They did a biopsy on the area of my neck and a couple of days later, I had a moment or a chance to go out on a bike ride. About halfway in, I my phone goes off and I’m like, okay why’s someone calling me? I checked, and it was my doctor. He said, “Well, you have cancer.”

It’s like, “What?” He says, “You have leukemia.”

So it turns out I’ve got cancer in my lymph nodes. I’ve got it in my blood. I think it’s in my bones, too, because I think that’s where leukemia comes from. I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. I think fear was the big one. I mean, you know, I do all these things not just to feel good, but to extend my life and have a good quality of life. And to get a diagnosis like that…

So I started my treatments. And what it was, was a combination of IV, intravenous, chemotherapy. And then once we started that, then I was going to add in an oral therapy. So now I have to take all this medication and I’m not 100% sure about it and my doctor tells me, he says, “Well, we’re gonna do this pharmacy program where they will call you. And then they will mail you your medication.”

I was put in touch with Biologics, your company, by my insurance company. They picked you.

I get a phone call from this nurse, Porscha. She was more interested in me. I mean, “How you doing? How you feeling? What are you eating? And she showed this level of consideration and caring that just blew me away. And it’s funny, I started to refer to her with my friends as my guardian angel.

So I’m thinking to myself, what do they do at Biologics to train these people? And I think it’s, I don’t know, in talking with Porscha, I think it’s it’s the person, not necessarily the training, and if you can meld the two together, you’ve got an amazing person. And an amazing service. I mean, I was expecting a pharmacy, a pharmacist, to call me and I end up getting so much more.

Yvonne: I know your communication with Porscha has been over the phone or email. And so, if you are okay with it, I would be honored to virtually introduce you both.

Dan: I would love to meet her. I hear her voice all the time, and so I have this image. But yeah, I want to meet her. Absolutely, please.

Yvonne: All right, Porscha. How about you come on?

[Porscha Scales, Nurse, Biologics by McKesson, joins the video]

Dan: Hey, there you are! Oh my God.

Porscha Scales, Nurse, Biologics by McKesson: Yeah, you had me in tears in here. Oh my gosh. Your guardian angel. Oh my goodness. It’s so wonderful to meet you.

Dan: I’m shaking here. Sorry. Yeah, I, God… Thank you. Thank you for saving my life.

Porscha: Oh my goodness.

Dan: You did, you did. I mean, okay, the drugs saved my life, but there’s more to it than that. God, you got me through so much, and to know that I had you there… That was that safety net that I lost years ago when my mom and my dad passed away. Right after that bike ride, I was sitting there by myself on the side of the road and I’m like, oh crap. I’ve got cancer. I don’t have my mom to call. And so I was blessed to have you. And I can’t thank you enough.

Porscha: I’m almost speechless now, but I feel so honored and blessed. Just to have been able to support you, Daniel, through this past year. As you can see, from the very first time we spoke, there was just this instant connection. To be able to connect with a person without having ever seen them is just… that’s extraordinary. It’s an absolutely extraordinary thing. So I thank you for allowing me to be along here with you in this journey. Thank you.

YvonneIt’s been a year since you went through the oral therapy. You’re now done with that. What’s your prognosis?

Dan: Currently, after all my tests, I am in complete remission. I’m blessed. I’m blessed to be in remission, and if it comes back, probably my first call will be to Porscha.

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