Risk-Based Care: Personalized care for better patient outcomes

Daniel Weaver, BSN, RN, Director, Clinical Innovation and Strategy, Biologics by McKesson: When patients are referred to Biologics by McKesson, it’s during one of the worst times of their lives. It’s so important that they have the support of a consistent, dedicated care team. This can be challenging in a fragmented healthcare system.

That’s why at Biologics we offer something called Risk-Based Care. Biologics by McKesson’s Risk-Based Care program aims to support cancer patients to achieve best possible outcomes while on therapy. Risk-based care customizes support to meet the unique needs of individual patients on specific therapies. That helps dedicated nurses to get to the root cause of specific struggles that patients experience, which helps patients stay adherent with their prescribed therapy.

With Biologics by McKesson’s Risk-Based Care program, our dedicated nurses provide holistic, personalized care, including educational and emotional support through regular phone contact with the patient. After learning about a patient’s unique challenges, the nurse creates a personalized care plan to help the patient continue therapy by finding workable solutions for their circumstances.

New research shows that Biologics by McKesson’s pioneering risk-based care program maximizes patients’ time on therapy, leading to better outcomes.

I was expecting a pharmacy, a pharmacist, to call me, and I ended up getting so much more.

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