Biologics by McKesson Patient Voice Spotlight – Karen I.

Karen I., Biologics by McKesson Oncology Patient: I was diagnosed in June 2008 [with] stage 2C ovarian cancer. I had an MRI and a CAT Scan, and within a week, I was in a GYN oncologist’s office, and then had surgery.

Ashleigh Burdette, Sr. Director of Clinical Innovation at Biologics by McKesson: Tell me about the moment you were given that diagnosis.

Karen: I remember in the pre-op room looking at the clock as they wheeled me into surgery, and it said 10:30 in the morning. When I woke up from anesthesia, it was 6:30. I knew right away when I looked at the clock. And the doctor came in shortly after and he said he was so sorry that yes, I did have cancer. I cried, of course. And again, I kind of half expected it, but there was always that wish that maybe it wouldn’t be. And when the doctor told me that I was stage 2C and had a 50% chance to live 5 years, I went, okay, 5 years. Hmmm. I was going to try to live each moment with as much love as I could.

Ashleigh: When did you first interact with the Biologics team, and what was that like?

Karen: Biologics contacted me as requested by the nurse because of our financial needs, and they put my mind and my husband’s mind at ease that we were going to be able to get the medication and in a timely manner and without any worry. My fears or concerns or questions were resolved with the first phone call that I had with Biologics. They were very reassuring and very informative.

Ashleigh: And what was it like being on that medication?

Karen: The dose I started out [with] was a little high, so my platelets dropped and I had to go off of it for a while until my platelets went back up. And then we found the right balance, and the medication has worked wonderfully. I’ve had no recurrence.

Ashleigh: How often do you hear from Biologics?

Karen: Biologics called me probably more like every three weeks to see how my supply was and how I was doing. They always offered if I wanted to talk to a nurse. They always asked if I had questions or any comments. They were very, very supportive and very kind. Biologics made my experience as an ovarian cancer patient, now survivor, much easier, much less stressful, much less fearful.

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