Biologics by McKesson Patient Voice Spotlight – Cherie T.

Cherie T., Biologics by McKesson Oncology Patient: Twenty-one years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thirteen years into remission, I had genetic testing done, and I tested positive for the BRCA 1 mutation. About three years after that, I was diagnosed with stage B ovarian cancer.

Ashleigh Burdette, Sr. Director of Clinical Innovation at Biologics by McKesson: Tell me just a little bit about when you received that diagnosis.

Cherie: When I found out I had the BRCA 1 mutation, I was going for surveillance. So, every six months, I would go for a breast MRI or vaginal ultrasound. About a year into that surveillance, I started having abdominal discomfort. I had my appointment with a gynecological oncologist. He told me that I had ovarian cancer and would need chemotherapy. We were in a state of shock, and just really scared. I had this false sense of security because I’d been in remission for so long from my breast cancer diagnosis.

Ashleigh: When was the first time that you interacted with the team at Biologics?

Cherie: Once I was completed with chemotherapy, my doctor had discussed with me a new drug that had come out. Once we agreed that this would be the route that I would go on, I got in touch with Biologics. It was a little scary at first because you don’t know how your body’s going to react to it. It was good to know that, you know, I had a lot of resources between my medical team and also Biologics, with any questions or concerns that I might have. I started experiencing other side effects like headaches and sensitivity to the sun. I asked to be referred to their nurse there, and they were able to answer the questions that I had.

Biologics did help with the financial end of the medication, which was really great because once you find out how much these drugs cost, it’s just like, I don’t know if I would ever be able to do that. The customer service was always very pleasant and friendly, and as helpful as can be. If I ever call with anything, they return phone calls in a timely manner. I never felt like I had to chase them down for anything. And when I would need refills, it was one less thing I needed to worry about or think about because Biologics was always calling me first before I even thought, “Oh, I’m running low.” Just always very proactive in their questions, in what my needs might be. And so, that was very much appreciated.

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