The Right Specialty Pharmacy for Your Practice

Biologics is a trusted and flexible partner for any site of care that treats oncology or rare disease patients.

Healthcare providers today need more than just a place to send a referral. They need specialty pharmacies that will provide customized support to their practice and their patients.

Providers everywhere are busier than ever.

That’s why specialty pharmacy partners must do far more than dispense therapies. They have to act as true partners to providers and help them manage patient cases and treatment plans as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Biologics works closely with providers to deliver best-in-class patient care and improve patient outcomes by helping patients access therapies faster and stay adherent. Biologics’ patient and provider support sets it apart from other specialty pharmacies. But provider support looks very different in different settings.

Every practice, and every healthcare provider, operates differently, so Biologics’ end-to-end solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. Here’s a look at how Biologics works with different types of practices and how its a la carte specialty pharmacy services can be used as needed.

What can we do for your practice?

  • Your dedicated point of contact learns how your practice works and communicates the way you want.
  • We manage prior authorization, benefit investigation and verification and co-pay assistance if and when needed.
  • Our pharmacist counsels your patient before the first fill so you know your patient knows how to comply with their treatment.
  • Our clinically expert nurses follow up regularly with the patient according to their case management plan. We keep you informed of the patient’s progress and any nonadherence risks or adverse events.
  • We educate you and keep you informed on all your patient cases with streamlined daily reports.

Why Biologics?

Deep Therapeutic Range & Broad Payer Base

cancer and complex-care therapies


limited-distribution therapies

exclusive therapies

payer contracts

Faster Access

  • Prescriptions processed within 1 hour of receipt
  • Benefit investigation and verification within 4 hours of processing

Clinical Expertise

Ongoing adherence support from pharmacists and nurses who form specialized care teams for patients

How We Work With Your Private Practice

In a private practice, providers often don’t have the time — or the staff — to manage prior authorizations and look into patients’ benefits before sending referrals out for dispense. Biologics understands that providers who work alone or with a small team shoulder many responsibilities and need to focus their time and energies on patient care, not time-consuming administrative tasks and back-and-forth with payers. They also need to know their referrals are going to a trusted specialty pharmacy with deep drug and payer access to avoid any disruptions or delays to their patients’ treatment. That’s why we make therapy access as streamlined and as easy as possible, with end-to-end solutions that help patients get on therapy faster and stay more adherent. Since every private practice is unique, we tailor our communications and practices to fit yours.
Clinic independent practice


Their challenge

This rural private practice has had trouble committing to establishing a medically integrated dispensary (MID) to fill oral prescriptions. It was stuck using paper charting and manual claims processes, which made it difficult to manage and track patient cases and focus on patient care.

Their goal

To get patients on therapy as quickly as possible for the lowest cost.

Our solutions

We always meet practices where they are. Recognizing that the staff was not ready to transition to technology-based communications, we set up a regular biweekly check-in with this practice through phone calls or face-to-face meetings, which they enjoyed. During these check-ins, our Practice Support Liaison reviews patient and processing updates and briefly recaps the daily reporting we send electronically to our office contact.

The results

The practice has seen a 66% increase in patient referrals over six months. The office is comfortable with Biologics handling their patients because they feel like they have a relationship with our pharmacy team. Relationships still matter in our business; there are some things technology simply cannot replace.

How We Work With Your Group Practice

At group practices, it’s very important that our specialty pharmacy knows each provider’s and/or each location’s unique preferences. Some prefer phone calls; some prefer to communicate via email only. Our communications vary from practice to practice, as do our services. Some practices need as much support as we can offer and are able to outsource much of the administrative process of enrolling a patient on therapy. Others have in-house teams to do most of the work, which we can help facilitate as needed. Often, group practices need our prior authorization support; however, we also work with PA teams and co-pay teams and offer whatever support is needed while not duplicating efforts. The most important thing is that we’re waiting in the wings as needed to help patients get on therapy and to keep providers informed throughout the treatment journey.
Nurse in a hospital lobby of a group practice


Their challenge

This group practice was short-staffed and unable to perform administrative processing of large script volume and triaging to an appropriate specialty pharmacy.

Their goal

To rely on one specialty pharmacy to process oral prescriptions, transfer as needed and provide daily updates on the status of each prescription.

Our solutions

We assigned a strategic Practice Support Liaison to triage and report on patient cases. We also assigned individuals from our Biologics prescription processing team to fl ag and work the orders as needed. We provide daily patient status reports, customized based on provider team requests.

The results

Biologics grew referrals 73% over six months from a Top 5 academic cancer center and removed excess tasks from the clinical team by providing a partnership that allows them to focus on patient care in-clinic while Biologics effi ciently processes their oral prescriptions and triages as needed.


Their challenge

This self-dispensing practice in South Carolina lacked the full staffing to meet the daily needs of their practice. This led to many delays and an inability for oral handlers within the clinic to meet patient demands.

Their goal

To get patients on therapy as quickly as possible for the lowest cost. Communication and trust are of paramount importance to this group.

Our solutions

Knowing that our differentiator is our high-touch outreach to external teams, we aligned this practice with a Practice Engagement Specialist, whom the practice can email and have an answer from within the hour. The Practice Engagement Specialist coordinates with this practice to address their needs without the potential for long hold times, saving them time and effort.

The results

The practice saw a 70% increase in referrals over six months. We built a relationship of trust with this practice and have received constant positive feedback about our turnaround time and operations. The added layer of communication and direct access to a live person assures this group practice that there is always an extra set of eyes on their patients.

How We Work With Your Hospital

In a large, complex ecosystem like a hospital or academic medical center, we often manage several different contacts and are able to provide support to clinical and support staff as well as administrative staff — whether it’s a prescriber, a nurse, a social worker, an oral coordinator, a liaison or a dispensary. For each of our hospital contacts, our direct point of contact for your hospital customizes communications and support services as needed. Many of the services we offer are already being done in the hospital, so we’re there 24/7 as backup if needed to support your teams.
A male nurse in a hospital hallway


Their challenge

This large group has individual nurses sending referrals for each respective physician. Because they are providing frontline patient care, they face time constraints with completing prior authorizations and patient assistance.

Their goal

To get patients on therapy as quickly as possible for the lowest cost.

Our solutions

Our Practice Support Center has tailored services to provide a direct point of contact for this practice since 2018. We streamline patient processes and communications between nurses and pharmacy operations.

The results

In spite of COVID-19, Biologics has continued to be a steady partner for both the practice and its patients. Barbara M., a nurse at the hospital, said, “It’s like COVID never happened. Biologics hasn’t missed a beat — no delays and excellent service in all ways. It’s nice to know that I have a top-of-the-line specialty pharmacy team I can depend on.”

How We Work With Your Pharmacy/Medically
Integrated Dispensary

We work with facility pharmacy staff at in-house dispensaries to relay information efficiently and effectively. Pharmacists are busy and need the facts as quickly as possible.

Biologics partners with both providers and pharmacists to get patients on therapy successfully and acts as a backup for medically integrated dispensaries and helps them fill if they can’t or don’t have access to certain therapies.

Inpatient hospital pharmacy


Their challenge

This MID handles a large number of referrals from internal practices across multiple disease states. It is limited in its ability to process complex specialty therapies, and the office handles mostly retail needs. It has limited, or possibly no, dedicated staffing to complete prior authorizations, co-pay assistance or clinical adherence support.

Their goal

To get patients on therapy as soon as possible for the lowest cost.

Our solutions

Our Practice Support Liaison team serves as a direct point of contact for this practice to streamline patient process as well as communication between MID, clinic and pharmacy operations.

The results

Biologics was able to serve triple the patient load in the first month of partnership. The practice and MID were thrilled with the Practice Support Liaisons’ ability to problem-solve quickly, seamlessly handle patient transition and keep key personnel informed every step of the way.

Biologics is a trusted and flexible partner for any site of care that treats oncology or rare disease patients. Contact us today to learn more, or reach out to your Regional Practice Liaison for more information.