How the Right Specialty Pharmacy Can Help You Transform Care

Hospitals and medically integrated dispensaries (MIDs) are busier than ever and need trusted advisors to navigate the rapidly changing specialty pharmacy landscape. Biologics by McKesson offers support where needed to make sure your patients get on — and stay on — the therapies they need.

Healthcare providers need more than just a place to send a referral. That’s why Biologics provides customized, end-to-end support to practices and their patients whenever needed.

Biologics stands with practices to help them deliver best-in-class patient care and promote the best possible outcomes through financial, logistical and clinically expert patient-support services.

Our custom relationships with 340B networks, hospital providers and MIDs allow us to become a seamless extension of your team, adding value where (and only where) you need support and communicating according to your specifications. Here are five ways we bring value to providers and their patients.

1. Unparalleled Drug Access and Time to Therapy

We work hard to provide the therapies your patients need as quickly as possible. We intake clean prescriptions within one hour and confirm benefits within four hours — and if we are unable to fill, we will immediately send the prescription to a pharmacy that can or transfer it back to your practice — whichever you prefer. We offer cancer and rare-disease therapies, including more than 120 oral, 70 limited-distribution and 18 exclusive to Biologics. This means that when your hospital or MID is unable to fill a prescription, Biologics will either quickly fill it or transfer as needed, helping to ensure that your patient does not face delays to getting on the therapy you’ve prescribed. The high bar we hold ourselves to is why we have the industry-leading time to therapy.


oral therapies

limited-distribution therapies

therapies exclusive to Biologics

2. Extending Your 340B Program Benefits

We extend the reach of 340B program benefits by helping develop your retail or contract pharmacy network. We provide:

  • A program that provides access to 70+ limited-distribution drugs
  • A program manager to work with you and your third-party administrator for a streamlined process
  • Timely reporting and reimbursement

3. Improving Patient Experiences and Outcomes

At Biologics, we believe better patient experiences result in better health outcomes. Your patient will have a dedicated team of nurses and pharmacists available to them. Our personalized patient-support services cover the entire patient journey. Before patients begin therapy, our pharmacists onboard them individually, talking through instructions and answering questions. Throughout treatment, our clinically expert nurses complete targeted check-ins with patients to perform risk assessments, minimize side effects and support adherence. Our clinical-care teams are specific to each therapeutic area and include pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses who learn each patient’s needs and deliver personalized assessments and ongoing counseling plans.

“During my treatment, I felt so supported by the Care Team who called me regularly. The calls made me feel so good! They were so nice and helpful, and they really made me feel like they were there for me. They have my love and affection.”

— Marie, Biologics patient

4. Forging Strong Relationships and Communication With You and Your Patients

Together, we work with your practice to deliver exceptional care to every patient, every day. In 2020, more than 18,000 providers entrusted their patients to our care. We take that charge very seriously and do everything in our power to help patients succeed on the treatment plan you recommend. Setting patients up for success on these expensive, often side-effect-heavy therapies is always our goal, and that requires clear communication between our Care Team, your patients and your practice.

Biologics is there for your patients at every step of their journey — but we’re also there for you to keep you informed on your patients’ progress on and adherence to your treatment plan. Our goal is to offer maximum transparency while streamlining efficiencies and reducing the workload for your practice. We can be as detailed as you like in our reporting to you and adjust our communications and reporting to your preferences. If you just want an update, we’ll send that. If you want something more in-depth, we’ll dive deeper.

When requested, our Practice Support Liaisons (PSLs) can act as a direct point of contact for relaying clinical and operational information. Every morning, PSLs send daily reports that cover refills or discontinued prescriptions in the past seven days; prescription status for each patient; pending benefits investigations; and dates of shipment and delivery. Throughout the day, your PSL is available via email, phone or text to address any questions or concerns that may arise.

“Biologics by McKesson is the gold standard in specialty pharmacy dispensing. The entire team is focused on patient care, and their communication and outreach to both the patient and the prescriber are second to none. The prescriber office is made aware of any delays in treatment, including prior authorization and patient assistance issues. If we are unable to serve a patient in-office, my first choice will always be Biologics by McKesson.”

— Daniela D., R.Ph.

customer service representative on a call

5. Hospital Support Where and How You Need It

Every practice and every healthcare provider operates differently, so Biologics’ end-to-end solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. Whether your hospital has a specialty pharmacy, a retail pharmacy, neither or both, Biologics can customize our services to meet your needs. We tailor offerings based on your current challenges and opportunities to make our collaboration efficient, effective and impactful. Our hospital relationships get therapies in patients’ hands faster, result in 95% patient satisfaction and provide value to stakeholders.

According to a 2020 IQVIA report, approximately 33.5% of cancer patients could face treatment delays due to COVID-19. Especially following a year when the healthcare system struggled to cope with a global pandemic that caused delays in diagnosis and treatment access, it is more crucial than ever to have trusted advisors to help patients get on therapy as quickly as possible. Biologics is here to dispense the therapies you need and deliver support however and wherever you need it.

How We Support Hospitals

  • Convenient, a-la-carte solutions customized to your needs
  • 340B support when appropriate
  • Minimizing prescription delays
  • Positively impacting patient care, resulting in 95% patient satisfaction rating
  • Trust and transparency

Contact us today to learn more, or reach out to your Regional Practice Liaison for more information.