Allies in Patient Care

Biologics by McKesson works closely with providers to support the best possible patient experiences and outcomes. Let’s look at how our alliance has helped improve patient lives.

Caring for cancer and rare disease patients requires strong alliances between the health care providers and specialty pharmacies who will carry out their treatment plans. 

As an independent specialty pharmacy, Biologics works as a close ally for providers in their goal of offering the best possible patient care. While supporting patients through their long and complex treatment plans, Biologics stays in contact with each provider, clinic or hospital to help them work most effectively and intervene on patient cases as necessary. This alliance between our teams promotes optimal patient experiences and outcomes by supporting faster access to therapy and better long-term adherence.

We believe in your life-saving work, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support you. Here’s what our continued alliance means for patients.

1. Getting Patients on Therapy Faster

In 2020, more than 18,000 providers entrusted their patients to our care. We take that charge very seriously and do everything in our power to help patients succeed on the treatment plan you recommend. We do this through effective, end-to-end patient support services.

Initiating a new treatment plan may present many challenges for patients, from obtaining access to limited-distribution or exclusive drugs to appealing prior authorization denials or needing financial aid to afford their therapy. Biologics can help patients through their access challenges and gets them their first fill in industry-leading time.

With our extensive list of oncology and orphan drugs and our unparalleled processing time — we intake clean prescriptions within one hour and confirm benefits within four hours — we are able to get answers and updates to you and your patients in record time and ship 44% of new patients’ first dispense in 0-3 days. In 2020, we secured $27.8 million in financial assistance for patients as well as $13 million in co-pay cards, helping to ensure that more patients can take the life-changing therapies you prescribe.

2. Transparency for Providers

An important part of our mission to care for your patients includes keeping you well-informed. Our goal is to make your job easier by offering maximum transparency, streamlining efficiencies and customizing communications for your practice. That means when we report back the clinical information you need to make the best decisions for your patients, our reports are as frequent and as in-depth as your practice needs and come in the format that’s most convenient for you.

Our Practice Support Liaisons act as a direct point of contact for your hospital or practice, sending daily reports that cover refills or discontinued prescriptions in the past seven days; name, date of birth and prescription status for each patient; pending benefits investigations; and dates of shipment and delivery.

By making regular contact with your patients and reporting back to you, we alleviate the uncertainty and lack of visibility around patients’ long-term cases. If one of our regular pill counts indicates that a patient has become nonadherent, or a risk assessment with a nurse shows that the patient is at risk for nonadherence, we inform you immediately. Together, we are often able to help patients avoid and manage adverse events.

3. A Better Patient Experience 

Biologics Managing Patient Concerns

Better patient experiences can result in better health outcomes. That’s why we have dedicated teams of nurses and pharmacists available 24/7 to patients. We believe setting patients up for success on expensive, often side-effect-heavy therapies requires regular and clinically expert communication from their Care Team. Our end-to-end patient support services provide patients with essential touchpoints throughout their patient journey and result in a 95% patient satisfaction rate.

Our support begins with easing patients through the difficult process of coming to terms with their diagnosis and learning a new treatment regimen. Comprehensive welcome kits and personal onboarding calls from our pharmacists help patients feel comfortable and informed about initiating therapy. That support continues with side effect mitigation, risk assessments and behavioral coaching throughout their journey that empowers patients to stay adherent.

4. Tackling the Adherence Problem Together

Nonadherence is one of the greatest challenges facing patients today. Helping patients stay on therapy requires dedicated resources, especially when treatment plans are complex, difficult and long-term. Our clinically expert nurses perform regular follow-up calls with patients to complete risk assessments, answer questions, minimize side effects and work to prevent adverse events.

The longer the patient journey, the more emotional support patients tend to need in addition to expert clinical advice. We know that patients often struggle in silence or slowly drop off their treatment plan without reaching out to schedule another visit with their provider. That’s why our clinical Care Teams include registered nurses, pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians who learn each patient’s needs and develop personalized assessments and ongoing counseling plans.

Through this outreach, we are often able to prevent nonadherence or adverse events by proactively informing you when a patient is at risk or is noncompliant with their treatment plan, creating an opportunity to intervene with the patient and get them back on track.

5. Relationships Built on Trust

Healthcare providers treating cancer and rare disease patients today need more than just a place to send a referral. They need support from industry allies that they know and trust to put their patients first. As a leading specialty pharmacy with nearly 30 years of industry experience and a history of clinical expertise, Biologics is a trusted ally in providing best-in-class patient care. We have built longstanding relationships with providers based on trust and rapport as we work together to improve patient lives.

Alongside providers, Biologics has helped patients navigate the fragmented healthcare system and achieve better health outcomes. Together, we ensure patients come first, and we are proud to be your ally.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve patient lives together.