Amanda Ulm

Sr. Director, Market and Business Intelligence

Amanda Ulm, Sr. Director of Business Intelligence for Biologics by McKesson

As Senior Director of Market and Business Intelligence, Amanda provides strategic leadership in data analysis to enhance the company’s decisions. She is responsible for leveraging information and data to provide insights to improve patient outcomes, energize team performance, support practices and providers and create valuable solutions for our clients. Her team is dedicated to strengthening the current and future analytic and reporting needs of the company, with the ultimate goal of improving care and outcomes for our patients. Amanda also leads the enterprise project management and strategic initiative activities.

Amanda has been with Biologics for over 13 years and has extensive experience within nearly every aspect of the company. She has a track record of business transformation efforts having previously designed, developed, launched and led the Biologics Hub Services business unit, later creating the Market and Business Intelligence group. Her operational, analytical and execution-focused approach provides an unparalleled perspective that drives strategic change to optimize Biologics’ opportunities.

Amanda’s commitment to patients extends outside of the workplace as a regular attendee of many local non-profit fundraisers and a loyal donor to the Red Cross blood drive. She is a graduate of Cornell University.

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